Emergency Food Relief Response

FoodShare has been working quickly and closely with 80+ frontline agencies and grassroots groups to ensure that folks who are facing food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic are getting access to good food. To support our work please visit our donation page.


Box content & price 

We are committed to getting as much as we can into your Good Food Box, while keeping our prices the same. This means that:

  • As a result of the increasing costs, we encourage you to consider some of our higher priced items (if you're able). Purchasing things like the bread or a meat box allows us to offset the price increases that would otherwise cause us to have to increase the price of the small good food box. We know that many of our customers that purchase the small box do so because of the price point. We're committed to doing everything that we can to keep the price the same and we'd love your help with that.
    • If you are in a position to do so, please consider supporting our ongoing operations by donating to FoodShare General Support fund 
    • You can check the expected content of your box here (click on your produce box to get the details). 
    • We’re getting low on the number of green boxes so you may receive your order in a cardboard box. If you have a green box at home make sure to leave it at the door so we can pick it up on the day of your new delivery.
    • As a result of COVID-19 we originally made the decision to waive the delivery fee ($2.50) for all of our Good Food Box customers until April 5, 2020. We've decided that we will continue to waive the delivery fee for the entire month of April


Deadline for ordering 

All orders must be in by Friday 4pm of the week prior to your desired week of delivery. Due to the high volume of orders we will not be able to accommodate late orders. If you are hoping to place an order for next week please make sure it's in before 4pm on the Friday of this week. If you have a recurring subscription, note that orders are placed automatically early Friday morning. You can manage your order by logging into your account.


Cancellation policy

We will not be able to refund/cancel your order, if the cancellation request is received after Friday 4pm for an order scheduled for the upcoming week. Make sure you reach out at or 416-363-6441 x276 if you need to cancel an order that has already been placed. 



Due to the significant volume of orders to deliver, we are expanding our delivery window. You can now expect to receive your box on your assigned delivery day between 9:00am and 8:00pm.


Health & Safety

Working with fresh produce and other food items means that maintaining a safe environment has always been a key priority of our team. Here are some of the things we are doing to ensure the safety of our staff and of your order:

  • Increase sanitation of our working areas and our vehicles
  • All our drivers have access to hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes in their vehicle
  • As a note, our green boxes are always washed with a food grade disinfectant solution when they come back to our warehouse
  • Our team is asked to remain at home should they show any sign of illness
  • Our team is practising social distancing which means that everybody who can work remotely and those remaining on our site are working from a safe distance from each other
  • Our packing team is using disposable gloves when handling produce and has been reminded of hand washing protocol


Other measures 

As an organization committed to advancing food justice and equity FoodShare has also taken the following measures for all its employees:

  • Our amazing colleagues that diligently pack and deliver your orders have received a temporary $4/hour increase to their hourly wage as of March 30, 2020.
  • Limited employees who can work from our office/warehouse to only those who provides essential services (e.g. the team who packs your orders and deliver food to operating Good Food Markets)
  • Increased personal leave (paid) by two weeks for anyone that needs to go into quarantine
  • Increased vacation by 13 days for folks struggling to access childcare due to school and daycare closures
  • We are offering a small produce box to all our staff once every two weeks until the end of April
  • We are exploring how to financially support any of our part/time staff that face reduction in hours due to reduce sales from our bulk buying social enterprise
  • We are making our small vehicles available to staff that are continuing to work at FoodShare so they can avoid taking public transit to/from home

Your order and support is what enables us to continue to look after our team and communities during this difficult time. Thank you!